3 - April 2010

The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis


Table of contents


  • Joost Demuynck


  • Eduardo Cadava & Tom Cohen, "No Prescription, Not Now"
  • Anne Béraud, "The Canadian Health System"
  • Ian Parker, "Psychoanalysis Redefined as a Health Profession"
  • Roger Litten, "Some Remarks on a Question Prior to Any Effective Political Intervention Whatsoever"


  • Jacques Borie, "Disconnection"
  • François Leguil, "Mania"
  • Philippe Hellebois, "Lalangue"

Event-The NLS Congress

  • Joan Riviere, "Womanliness as a Masquerade"
  • Maria-Cristina Aguirre, "A Lacanian Reading Of Womanliness as a Masquerade"
  • Éric Laurent, "Womanly Positions of Being"
  • Philippe De Georges, "Figures of Femininity"
  • Nassia & Reginald Blanchet, "Interview with Judith Butler"

Event-The ECF Study Days

  • Natalie Wülfing, "If You Were Not There You Have No Idea What You Have Been Missing"
  • Serge Cottet, "Freud, Analysand"
  • Éric Laurent, "Lacan, Analysand"
  • Jean-Claude Maleval, "Breaking the Frame to Free the Analyst´s Desire"
  • Jo Attié, "The First Poet Analyst"
  • Carole Dewambrechies-La Sagna, "A Dream Chez Lacan"
  • Jean-Claude Razavet, "Round and Back Round Again"
  • Yasmine Grasser, "How I Was Traumatised by Lacan"
  • Viviane Marini-Gaumont, "My Between-Two-Deaths"
  • Jean-Robert Rabanel, "The Postcard Lacan Sent Me"
  • Lilia Mahjoub, "To Become is Good, to Remind is Better"
  • Esthela Solano-Suarez, "Three Seconds with Lacan"
  • Suzanne Hommel, "A German Chez Lacan"
  • Philippe La Sagna, "A Way of Life Without Instructions"


  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "Psychoanalysis and Connexions"
  • Armelle Gaydon, "Alain Le Bras, Elective Affinities"
  • Parveen Adams, "Warhol’s Multiple Images