29 - Sexual orientation, 2015



  • Jacques-Alain Miller -Gays in Analysis?
  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen - The Lost Part
  • David Halfon - Homosexuality in Freud’s Oeuvre
  • Hélène Bonnaud - The ‘Homophobe'
  • Pierre Naveau - The Party of Women
  • Hélène Bonnaud - True Love!
  • Jacqueline Dhéret - Julien
  • Antonio Di Ciaccia - The Queer Brother
  • Laura Sokolowsky - A Very Early Case of Homosexuality
  • Hervé Castanet -Theo: The Quest For the Ideal Double
  • Clotilde Leguil - Psychoanalysis Faced with, ‘Marriage For All’
  • Sophie Marret-Maleval - Marriage and Sexuality
  • Deborah Gutermann-Jacquet -The Invention of Civil Marriage in 1792
  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen - Marriage, Divorce and Company
  • François Regnault - Ironic and Out-of-Place Remarks About the Phrase ‘Marriage For All’
  • Stella Harrison - From Rights to Desire, and Back Again?
  • Hervé Castanet - Desire Against Oedipus
  • Fabian Fajnwaks - Homosexuality and the Desire for a Child
  • Laura Sokolowsky - Desire of the Mother as Sinthome, Stella Harrison - Homosexualities, Desire for Motherhood…, or Children
  • Fabrice Bourlez - Psychoanalysis and the Phoenix
  • Sharon Kivland - Hors Corps
  • Julia Evans - Book Review: Testimony of Experience, by Bruce Scott

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