19 - Ordinary Psychosis, 2009

Ordinary Psychosis



Marie-Hélène Brousse, Ordinary Psychosis In The Light Of Lacan’s Theory Of Discourse

Jean-Pierre Klotz, Ordinary Psychosis And Modern Symptoms
Russell Grigg, Language As Sinthome In Ordinary Psychosis
Pierre Skriabine, Ordinary Psychosis With A Borromean Approach
Alexandre Stevens, Mono-Symptoms And Hints Of Ordinary Psychosis
Jean-Luc Monnier, Ordinary Psychosis And Liquid Life
Thomas Svolos, ‘Ordinary Psychosis’

Pierre Naveau, Precariousness And Social Disinsertion
Antoni Vicens, Some Cases Of Ordinary Psychosis In The CPCT Of Barcelona
Gil Caroz, Some Remarks on the Direction of the Treatment in Ordinary Psychosis
Jean-Louis Gault, City Full Of Ghosts
Gustavo Dessal, The Strange And Mysterious Disappearance Of Mr. K.’s Voice
Hervé Castanet, Violaine Or "It Happened At The Smurfs Club"

Jacques-Alain Miller, Ordinary Psychosis Revisited

Franck Rollier, Looking For ‘Fine Tuning’
Catherine Meut, No Man’s Land, A Case Not Exactly Ordinary
Natalie Wülfing, "I Am Genetically Dead"
Maria J. Lopez, The Case Of Armand
Julia Richards, A Capitalist Dialect In A Case Of Ordinary Psychosis
Adrian Price, Lethal Weapon

ORDINARY PSYCHOSIS In The Light Of Other Disciplines
Véronique Voruz, Democracy and Ordinary Psychosis
Wilfried Ver Eecke, Philosophical Questions about the Theory of Psychosis in Early Lacan
Maire Jaanus, Ordinary Happiness in Lispector’s Stream of Life

Éric Laurent, Ordinary Interpretation

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