14 - Responses from Psychoanalysis, 2005

Responses from Psychoanalysis


Marie-Hélène Brousse – Separation Anxiety: A New Light Cast on Feminine Anxiety
Gil Caroz – Going Through Anxiety: An Introduction
Pierre Skriabine – Anxiety and its ‘Beyonds’
Jean-Louis Gault – The Option of Anxiety
Richard Klein – From Church and State to Psychoanalysis
Alan Rowan – Anxiety and the Push to Action: Clinical Consequences
Yotvat Elberbaum – Two Moments of Anxiety
Joost Demuynck – Anxiety, a Nomination
Beata Wolf – Anxiety and Psychosis
Anne Béraud-Bogino – Ontological Anxiety in a Case of Psychosis
François Sauvagnat – Psychotic Anxiety and its Correlate in Bodily Experiences: Some Remarks on ‘New Symptoms’
Marie-Hélène Doguet-Dziomba – Destiny of the Strange Object in a Cure
Bogdan Wolf – Between Jouissance and Desire: Truths and Lies about Anxiety
Maria-Cristina Aguirre – Anxiety and the Search for Happiness
Philippe Carpentier – Anxiety and Repression
Rose-Paule Vinciguerra – A Short Therapy of a Little Girl who Bites
Guy Trobas – Alleviating the Anxiety of a Mother…
Stéfan Verlinden – An Epileptic Symptom: To Let (oneself) Fall or to Come to the Scene
Jacqueline Nanchen – The Hidden Dimension of the Subject Supposed to Know is Anxiety
Maire Jaanus – The Passage-to-the-Act in Anna Karenina
Kirsten Hyldgaard – Heidegger’s Anxiety Versus Lacan’s
René Rasmussen – ‘Kill Me a Son’: On Kierkegaard and Lacan
Susana Huler – The Only Judgement of Existence is Action
Claudia Iddan – Laughter: A Transformation of Anxiety
Jacques-Alain Miller – The Response of Psychoanalysis to Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen – The Battle of Psychoanalysis in the Twenty First Century
Jean-Pierre Klotz – To Promote a Symptom’s Culture
Thomas Svolos – The American Plague
Roger Litten – We Are All Health Professionals Now
Bernard Burgoyne – Curtailments of Desire
John Shotter - The Loss of Relatedness and the Pathology of an Atomistic Democracy
John Forrester – CBT and Pascal’s Wager

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