6 - Representation and Perception, 2001

Representation and Perception

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Jacques-Alain Miller - The Logic of the Perceived
Jean-Pierre Klotz - Perception and Psychosis
Richard Klein - Gaze and Representation
Guy Briole - Glimpse
Michele Miech - How the Subject Enters the Picture
Jacques-Alain Miller - Jacques Lacan and the Voice
Marie-José Asnoun - What is it to hear?
Laure Naveau - Bulimia and Perception of the Feminine Body
Gabriela Van den Hoven - A Child Through the Mirror
Véronique Mariage - Hallucination of a Psychotic Child
Roger Cassin - Time-Lag
Philippe Carpentier - ‘There is no Guarantee’
Frédéric Declercq - The Practice of Variable Sessions

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