2 - The Unconscious, 1999

The Unconscious

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The UnconsciousPsychoanalytical Notebooks 2, 1999 : The Unconscious
Jacques-Alain Miller - Interpretation in Reverse
Pierre-Gilles Gueguen - Discretion of the Analyst in the Post-Interpretative Era
Guy Briole - The Dream: An Interpretation of the Subject
Paulo Siqueira - When the Unconscious Interprets ‘Homosexualie’
Guy Trobas - Perversion of Sexuality/Perverse Subject
Bogdan Wolf - The Drive and Its Blindness
Jacques-Alain Miller - Return from Granada: Knowledge and Satisfaction
François Regnault - Hegel’s Master and Slave Dialectic in the Work of Lacan
Victoria Woollard - Perceval’s Narrative
Odile Barthelemy - From the Father of Origins to the Origin of the Father
Eric Laurent - The Pass and the Guarantee in the School
Kevin Polley - The Operator of Dissolution
Pierre Thèves - Witz, Transmission and Drive in the Social Bond
Patricia Seunier - What Can Be Supposed of a Passer?
Jason Glynos - Formalising-to-the-Limits and the End of Analysis

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