7 - May 2012

The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis


Table of contents


  • Adrian Price

Event/Horizon – Tel-Aviv 2012

  • Jacques Lacan, Postface to Seminar XI
  • Esthela Solano-Suarez, The Analysand-Reader
  • Claudia Iddan, Traces on the Body Between Symptom and Sinthome
  • Thomas Svolos, Jacques Lacan, Reader
  • Gil Caroz, The Letter in the Jewish Tradition

Studies – Speaking in Tongues II

  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Five Lessons on Language and the Real
    Aphorisms and Questions on Meaning and the Real
    Social Semblance and the Social Real
    The Construction of Symptomatic Reality
    A Departure from the Disjunction between Meaning and the Real
    Towards a Demonstration of the Absence of Knowledge in the Real
  • Adrian Price, On the Real and Natural-Kind Terms
  • Ian Hacking, Putnam’s Theory of Natural Kinds and Their Names is Not the Same as Kripke’s

Event/Anchor – London 2011

  • Nathalie Georges-Lambrichs, Alienation, Separation, Remainder
  • Gabriela van den Hoven, The Symptom in an Era of Disposable Ideals

Special Dossier – Autism and Psychoanalysis

  • Psychoanalytic Institute for the Child, Autism and Psychoanalysis: Our Convictions
  • Jean-Claude Maleval, Listen to the Autists!
  • Silvia Tendlarz, Autistic Children
  • Marie-Hélène Issartel, A Tightrope Walker’s Practice
  • Monique Delius, Learning to Speak?
  • Stéphane Vallade, Leo’s Machine
  • Gracia Viscasillas, “What Am I Going to Do Now”
  • Sonia Chiriaco, “Compare Him Only To Himself”
  • Éric Laurent, The Autist’s Trait

The letter! The litter! And the soother the bitther!

  • Monique Kusnierek, Words and Numbers
  • Daniel Pasqualin, Autism’s Rosetta Stone?
  • Éric Laurent, The Discoveries of Evolutionary Psychology
  • Éric Laurent, The Entanglements of Narcissism

Hypermodern Times

  • D. W. Winnicott, Behaviour Therapy
  • Roger Litten, The English Model
  • Gérard Wajcman, Anatomical Art
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Three Articles from the French News Weekly Le Point