2 - November 2009

The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis


Table of contents


  • Anne Lysy-Stevens, "How Analysis Operates"


  • Jo Attié, "An Attenuating Circumstance"
  • Dominique Laurent, "The Queens of Semblants and the Empire of the Media"
  • Ofelia Lopez, "Caravaggio and The Sinthome: Portrait of the Artist as a Gorgoneion"
  • Dominique Laurent, "Woman"


  • Alexandre Stevens, "Lacanian Interpretation"
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "The Hurtful Word"
  • Éric Laurent, "A Fundamental Point of Departure"
  • "Daughter, Mother, Woman in the Twenty-First Century", Argumen for the NLS Congress in Geneva, 26-27 June 2010.

The Couch

  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "When The Cure Stops and When It Does Not Stop"
  • Marie-Hélène Brousse, "A Stop, An End, or a Denouement?"
  • Éric Laurent, "The Pass… or to Finesse Against the Subject Supposed to Know"
  • Bernard Seynhaeve, "An Act of Saying That Holds Up In and Of Itself"


  • Neus Carbonell, "When the Cure Stops… Where It Could Have Begun"
  • Victoria Woollads, "Interpretation and Truth"
  • Patrick Montribot, "Subtraction"
  • Luc Vannder Vennet, "Interpreting the Silence"
  • Epamiondas Theodoridis, "’Homosexual’: A Delusional Identity"
  • Gil Caroz, "The Trace of the Mother Tongue"
  • Mikail Strakhov, "Where is the Enigma"


  • Sarah Gould, "Sam Francis – Making Colour Matter"
  • Vicente Palomera, "When Freud’s Cures Stopped, The Rat Man, ‘Wishing One’s Life Away’"
  • Jean-Pierre Klotz, "On Some Ways to ‘Stop and Go’ with Analytic Treatment"
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "The Warsaw Lecture"
  • Pawe Dybel, "Truth in Psychoanalysis"
  • Reginald Blanchet, "Simone Weil: Writing Disbeing"
  • Adrian Price, "On Lacan’s Remarks on Chinese Poetry in Seminar XXIV"

Hypermodern Times

  • Jean-Claude Maleval, "Why is the Depression Bubble Busting?"
  • Jean-Luc Monnier, "Chemical Alert!"


  • Jeanne Joucla, "The Cinema is a Truth Machine"
  • Nathalie Georges-Lambrichs, "Mir K, Sequel"

In Memoriam

  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, "Thelma Sowley"
  • Anne Lecroart, "The Love of Words"