1 - May 2009

The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis


Table of contents


  • Pierre- Guilles Guéguen, "Psychoanalysis in Times of Noise and Turmoil"


  • Denis Noble, "The Music of Life: What Perpectives Can the Biology of the 21st Century Open on Sexuality?"
  • Clotilde Leguil, "Commentary on Denis Noble’s Paper"
  • François Regnault, "Descartes’ Dualism and the Union of the Mind and the Body"
  • François Leguil, "Lacan and the Safeguarding of Certainties"
  • Dominique Laurent, "How to Put an End to the Depressive Standard"


  • Alexandre Stevens, "Lacanian Interpretation"
  • Jean-Louis Gault, "Interpretation Beyond the Pleasure Principle"
  • Anne Lysy-Stevens, "Unconscious and Interpretation"
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "Semblantes and Sinthomes : Presentation of the Theme of the VIIth Congress of WAP"

The Couch

  • Miquel Bassols, "The Wager of the Pass"
  • Antoni Vicens, "The Banality of the Primal Scene"
  • Bernard Seynhaeve, "A Letter Always Arrives at Its Destination"
  • Esthela Solano-Suarez, "The Remains of the Letter"


  • Marie-Hélène Brousse, "The Work of Art in the Age of The Demise of the Beautiful: From Object to Abject"
  • Josefina Ayerza, "Cy Twombly"
  • Éric Laurent, "Interview: Butler and Gender"
  • Sophie Marret-Maleval, "4:48 Psychosis: the Gaze of Cockroaches"


  • Nassia Linardou-Blanchet, "Sexuality Between Semblant and Real"
  • Claudia Iddan, "What is Interpretation a Consequence of?"

Hypermodern Times

  • Richard Gombrich, "Why Has British Education Gone So Wrong, and Why Can’t We Stop the Rot? Popper’s Nightmare"
  • Michael Power, "Performance and the Logic of the Audit Trail"
  • Robert Snell, "Some Thoughts on the ‘Audit Culture’ and How to survive it"
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, "Closing Remarks at the Rally of the Impossible Professions, Against the False Promises of Security, London 20 Sept 2008"