8 - October 2012


The International Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis


Table of contents


Editorial Adrian Price


Event/Anchor – Tel Aviv 2012

Dominique Holvoet       The Pleasure of the Symptom

Anne Béraud               The Only Daughter

Marco Mauas              The Equivocation of Zero

Ruzanna Hakobyan      The Music of Words

Samuel Nemirovsky     “I Want You to Consider Me as

           a Reader of the Second Kind”

Renato Seidl                The Circuitry of the Drive

Leonardo Gorostiza       After, In Reverse


The Couch

Araceli Fuentes            A Grief Written in the Body

Pilar Gonzáles             Woman’s Speech

Luis Tudanca               From the Repetition of a Destiny to a New Signifier

Paola Bolgiani             A New Love

Hélène Bonnaud          Tearing Away the Real

Ana Lydia Santiago      Coup de foudre

Maria Laura Tkach       Artenga!

Graciela Brodsky         The Denouement


Studies – The Malicious Other

Guy Briole                              Kraepelin, the Fragility of a Colossal Oeuvre

Philippe de Georges                The Meaning of Kretschmer

Jean-Pierre Deffieux                 Reasoning Madmen:

          On the Oeuvre of Sérieux & Capgras

Carole Dewambrechies             Clérambault, an Anatomy of Passions

Philippe La Sagna                   Séglas and the System of the Malicious Other


Event/Horizon – Athens 2013

Éric Laurent                  Psychosis, or Radical Belief in the Sinthome

Jacques-Alain Miller       Psychotic Invention

Jacques Lacan              Address on Child Psychoses


Hypermodern Times

François Leguil           The Contumax Child

Paz Corona                 Robert Wilson’s School for Autists

Jacques-Alain Miller    Four Press Articles on

          Leadership in Contemporary Politics