The ICLO Society of the NLS

irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation



  • Board (2018 - 2020)

Chair: Joanne Conway, conwayjo@gmail.com

Secretary: Susan Mc Feely, susan.mcfeely@gmail.com

Treasurer: Linda Clarke, linclarke1@gmail.com



  • Other Functions

Cartels: Rik Loose – Linda Clarke

SIG Children&Adolescents: Joanne Conway 

T&A: Susan Mc Feely – Rik Loose

Publications: Sheila Power – Susan Mc Feely – Raphael Montague – Joanne Conway – Florencia Shanahan

Library-Bookshop: Sheila Power – Gerard Power

PR: Florencia Shanahan – Cecilia Saviotti

Web&Media: Florencia F.C Shanahan – Linda Clarke

Leinster Representative for the EFP: Raphael Montague


  • Online Newsletter



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