The Other without Other
The Other without Other is my title. This title is an abbreviation, in enigmatic form, of a sentence, a proposition, a saying of Lacan’s, which was stated in a form that a certain number of  you  know:  “there  is  no  Other  of  the  Other”.  Lacan  uttered  this  formulation  one  day  in 1959, on the 8 th of April, during his seminar entitled Le désir et son interprétation. It refers to the logical form of writing S(A barred) and was preceded by a sentence designed to get the attention of his Seminar’s audience: “this, I might say, is the big secret of psychoanalysis.” read more...
Transcription: Dosia Avdelidi.  Text revision: Anne Lysy and Monique Kusnierek. Unread by the author. Translated from the French by Philip Dravers. 
Published in the next issue of Hurly-Burly