10 - December 2013


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Hurly-Burly n°10

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Victoria Woollard            That Subtle Knot…            9

Ghent 2014 - What Cannot Be Said

• Jacques-Alain Miller             The Other without Other            15

• Dominique Holvoet             What Cannot Be Said, Desire, Fantasy, Real            30

• Jacques-Alain Miller              Presentation of Book VI

of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan            33

• Pierre Naveau             Hamlet and Desire            48


Athens 2013 - The Psychotic Subject in the Geek Era

• Dominique Holvoet             The Psychotic Subject in the Geek Era            57

• Epaminondas Theodoridis               Adolescents in the Geek Era            61

• Bruno de Halleux             The Autist, the Geek and the Object            66

• Neus Carbonell              A Case of Early Autism: From the Object to Speaking            71

• Beatrice Khiara-Foxton              On the Disappearance of a Hallucination            74

• Dossia Avdelidi              A Forced Excellence            79

• Franck Rollier              Much Ado About a Scream            83

• Noa Farchi               An Interval of Life            87

• Nassia Linardou-Blanchet             The Plasticity of Jouissance in the Geek Era            91

• François Ansermet               Digital Certitudes            94

• Miquel Bassols              Language as a Disorder of the Real            102

• François Ansermet, Miquel Bassols, François Leguil 

The Debate: The Parlêtres and the Organ-machine            107

• Yves Vanderveken              Clinical Points of Perspective            112


Paris 2014 - A Real for the 21st Century

• Online with Serge Cottet                   Science is Your Truth            119

• Pierre Naveau              The Encounter with the other; From the Impossible to the Contingent            132

• Patrick Monribot             “There is no sexual relation” What does it mean? Clinical Consequences of Lacan’s Formulae of Sexuation            148


The Couch

• Anaëlle Lebovits-Quenehen             The Spice in the Grain            167

• Rômulo Ferreira da Silva              Yes/Take [Sim/Toma]            175


The letter! The litter! The soother the bitter…

• Virginia Woolf             Craftsmanship            183

• Jacques Aubert             It's notall that!            189

• Michèle Rivoire             Traduire, Dit-elle            195

• Josiane Paccaud-Huguet              On Translating Between the Acts            199


Psychoanalysis and the Political

• Laura Sokolowsky             Freud’s Dedication on Warum Krieg ?            207



• Pamela King              “In Los Angeles, Where It’s Never Hot and It Snows”            215

• Joanne Conway             Limitless            221

• Sharon Zvili-Cohen            “I have no name in this darkness”            225

• François Ansermet             Choosing Our Sex            233


Erratum                        240