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Call for papers 

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«What cannot be said», our work theme for the NLS Congress, paradoxically aims at a saying [un dire]. Where there is no word to say it, does the thing pass over into what is experienced, into surplus jouissance? The argument emphasizes that “what cannot be said”… does not, for all that, consent to be silent; it disturbs us and makes us suffer. 

What we will be discussing in Ghent is not that primary jouissance that poses no questions – that is addiction, the jouissance prior to any predicate. What we will debate is the jouissance produced by the incidence of the signifier on the body, the jouissance bistraumatised jouissance, the jouissance that should not be [i]. Freud noted that we should be able to wait for the avowal of this jouissance, an avowal of fantasies (in the plural), which are the instruments, the means of jouissance, to be distinguished from the fundamental fantasy. “What Lacan called fantasy is the fundamental relation to jouissance shaped by the structure of language – while it is important to note that the said fantasy has imaginary roots, the symbolic is nevertheless involved in the form of scenarios, and, in as much as it constitutes a window on the real, it acts as the real”.[ii]

An analysis leads to a “passage beyond”, to a traversal, so that the apparatus of jouissance is no longer the prisoner of the limits and inertia of the fantasy. From this perspective, jouissance is no longer a prisoner of the object, but stretches everywhere that there are signifiers: it is a return to desire.

The cases presented at the Congress will aim to show how the analytic work touches upon the fantasy and liberates the analysand from what nourishes it: enjoyed sense.
[i] J-A Miller, «L’économie de la jouissance», in Cause freudienne, 77, p. 153.  [Published as «The Economics of Jouissance», in Lacanian Ink 38, Fall 2011.

[ii] Ibid., p. 173

Some axes of work: 
  • The impossible to say, its manifestations in the treatment
  • Fantasy as defence against anxiety
  • Destiny and fantasy: repetition as a developed form of the fantasy
  • The symptom as writing rather than as message
  • The sexual partner as symptom
  • The out-of-meaning [hors-sense], as guarantee of a stop in the chain, as opposed to meaning, which feeds delusion
  • Psychosis and neo/pseudo fantasy
  • Life styles and sublimations

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Priority given to clinical casesParticular attention will be paid to the construction of the case - reduction and selection of the 'material', serialisation and shoring of the fantasy/symptom binomial, according to the question that the case poses to the practitioner.
Scientific committee: The scientific committee is not distinct from the Organising Committee of the Congress. Just as the team prepared the logistical details, it will participate in the selection of papers. The committee will review each text submitted and contact the author with a view to refining the writing of the text if necessary. It is thus important that each author submits his or her text in French or English, and that the deadline is respected to allow for this preliminary work.
Deadline and length of texts: Please send your text of no more than 7000 characters including spaces, to Dominique Holvoet (dominique.holvoet@gmail.comandLieve Billiet ( before March 31, 2014. E-mail subject: CONGRESNLS. The name of the attachment must be the author's full name.