Life of the School


Knotting Seminars


The ‘Knottings’ Seminar of the NLS, has the function –as its name suggests- of weaving the working ties within the whole of the School, in a combinatory way that pierces bilateral ties. Organised by the Executive Committee of the NLS, it brings together colleagues from the 5 Societies, plus the Polish groups. The axis of the Knottings is the Congress of the School.

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What is a Cartel?

A cartel is the original mode of working suggested to psychoanalysts and those who want to study psychoanalysis. It is a working group that relies on several organising principles that were defined by Jacques Lacan and that take each one’s specific relationship to knowledge into account, which he can elaborate when it is a matter of unconscious causality.

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NLS Messager

To see the activities of the Societies, Groups and Initiatves of the NLS, please consult NLS Messager here.