Archive: Congress 2013, Athens

18th and 19th May 2013     |     XIth NLS Congress in Athens     |     Let's go!

"The Psychotic Subject in the Geek Era"
Typicality and Symptomatic Inventions
Thereafter a series of papers related to the theme of the Congress will be published, which we invite you from now on to prepare and to send to us.  [to Florencia Shanahan (for English) or to Anne Beraud (for French)]
A blog will be opened where you will find all these contributions. It shall be a real blog, moderated, and where each contribution can be commented on by the geeks of the NLS, that is, by all of us! A detailed announcement about it will follow. Similarly, all practical information (such as registration, hotels, times...) will follow in due course. Members may already put in their diaries the Conversation scheduled for Friday 17/05 at 2pm.