Members of the NLS

Members who practice psychoanalysis fall into two categories. They do so:

- either as members of School: proposed as practicing analysts to the Council of the AMP under the responsibility of the Admission Committee formed by the President of the Euro-Federation of Psychoanalysis, the President of the NLS and the past President of the NLS. Having declared themselves as practicing analysts, they are listed in the directory and marked with the letters A.P. indicating: Practicing Analyst.

- or in so far as they have been recognised and guaranteed by the School for the role they play in the formation that it offers, and awarded the title of A.M.E. (Analyst Member of the School) after the approval of the Council of the WAP.


The title of Analyst of the School (A.E.) is issued for three years to those who, at the end of the procedure known as "pass", are judged to be capable of throwing light on crucial problems for psychoanalysis through their testimony.


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