Letter from the Cartels delegate


Cartels: Let’s go !

Dear colleagues,

The beginning of the academic year is an excellent moment to set up a cartel, whether it is dedicated to study, to the preparation of an event or a Knottings seminar, to connecting psychoanalysis with another field... or of course to working towards the next NLS Congress.

The 2019 NLS Congress

It will take place in Tel-Aviv  next  June 1st and 2nd, under the title  ¡Urgent! . Bernard Seynhaeve, our President, already identified  its overwhelming trends : "…What is urgent in the clinic, the urgency of the speaking being, the urgency of the parlêtre. As with a solid substance, that which is urgent can be approached from different angles. It can be looked at from the angle of trauma, but also from that of the entrance into treatment. It can be examined from the side of the end of the treatment and its articulation with satisfaction, or from that of the reception of psychical suffering in institutions, …. It responds to the pressing sense of urgency in our School and our civilization today." (July 1st, 2018)

Forming a cartel

Three to five people decide to share a common theme of work, and then they choose a plus-one. Someone who wishes to be in a cartel may contact the cartel’s delegate in his/her area, who will help to put in touch with other people looking for a cartel or to join an emerging cartel.

The NLS also offers to organize e-cartels, which gives the possibility of forming cartels beyond the borders of one’s society or group. Think also of using Skype, which may foster exchanges.

Register a cartel

Please do not hesitate to remind all plus-ones to register the new cartels, as well as those continuing for a second year, before the end of December 2018 on the NLS website < http://www.amp-nls.org>. And see the attached doc.

4+one, The NLS Cartels Newsletter

4+one is a non-periodical e-Newsletter which host  punchy and  short papers - up to 3 500 characters maximum – written by cartel participants either in English or in French; they will be proposed to 4+one by the cartels‘ plus-ones, by sending them to <frollier@wanadoo.fr>. The papers will be then selected by a new reading committee, whose members are Lynda Clarke (Dublin), Annette Feld (Tel Aviv), Janis Gailis (Paris, Riga), Alan Rowen (Berlin) and Frank Rollier ( Antibes, Paris).

Wishing you all a good "back-to-school",

Kind regards,

Frank Rollier

NLS Cartels’ Delegate

7 September 2018