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Two events of the London Society of the NewLacanian School

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School


11 January 2014

2.00 - 4.30 pm (ULU, Malet St.)

NLS - Knottings Seminar

WHAT CANNOT BE SAID: Desire, Fantasy, Real

On the real in contemporary practice

This event showcases the work of the members of the New Lacanian School around the theme of the forthcoming NLS-Congress in Ghent, Belgium 17-18 May 2014 - What Cannot Be Said. The objects of enjoyment in what cannot be said escape the narrative, but make themselves felt in bungled acts, in forgetting, in symptoms or as anxiety. The Lacanian practice is oriented towards the real in these phenomena, and towards separating the meaning effect from meaning.

Chair: Natalie Wulfing (NLS, UK)

With Nathalie Laceur (NLS, Belgium) member of the NLS Executive Committee

And Veronique Voruz (NLS, UK); Susana Huler (NLS, Israel); Mikael Strakhov (NLS, Russia)



15 February 2014

2.00 – 5.00 pm (ULU, Malet St.):

NLS-Seminar “What Cannot Be Said”

On the theme of Desire, Fantasy and Real in the 21st century

with Jean-Louis Gault (ECF, France), Analyst Member of the School