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4th and 5th JULY 2015





We can all become victims at any time. Legal discourse provides a place for victims within legal procedure, whilst political discourse or the promise of reparation plays an increasingly large role in direct relation to the ineffectual status to which globalised liberalism is reducing our governments.

Whilst we naturally encounter sociologists, historians, legal practitioners and doctors in the course of our work, we have chosen to focus on what clinical work teaches us when it is oriented by Lacanian psychoanalysis.


The ten following themes shall serve as guidelines for our work. Our introduction to the Congress in five different languages has highlighted key references that will be supplemented by bibliographical research that is currently underway. We have chosen to lay emphasis on clinical discourse, drawing attention to the dialectic between symptom and phantasy at play in each proposition in order to enable European psychotherapists as well as psychoanalysts of the Schools to take part in the congress.

Social issues that on occasion arouse heated debate or trigger populist responses give rise to the imaginary representation of “Victims!”, issues such as European migration, border wars, humanitarianism, pressure from the techno-sciences on reproduction and gender, the threat posed by radical religious discourse, the tension between private and public sectors, social networks and internet. We will be addressing the consequences of these issues, which should equally be the object of your contributions.

The readability of cases will be our main priority in order to demonstrate the pertinence and validity of our interventions through reasoned arguments.


1) War and peace: should I leave or should I stay?

2) Pressure from the techno-sciences: inhabiting or being hostage to one’s body

3) Medicalisation - psychiatrisation: a means of protection or a menace

4) On rights and laws: the public sector and the private sector

5) Education: the good and bad treatment of children

6) The torturer and the victim: Sade or Masoch

7) Heroism and sacrifice: gift or debt

8) Shame and exhibition: inhibition or courage

9) An eye for an eye:  complaint or self-defence

10) Love, passion, the drive and desire: what can I do about it?


Please send us your arguments for the simultaneous discussion rooms by the   15th March 2015. Preliminary arguments should not exceed 3000 characters. Final texts, once a selection has been made, should reach us by the 30th May 2015. Please send your arguments and texts by email to, including: PIPOL7INTERVENTION as the title of your message. They may be written in the language of your choice. 

Jean-Daniel Matet 

Traduction Béatrice Khiara-Foxton

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