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GIEP-NLS: Report on a Fulgurant Cartel event in Tel-Aviv

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Report on a Fulgurant Cartel event in Tel-Aviv



On November 29, 2014, a Fulgurant Cartel event was held in Tel-Aviv with our guests from Belgium: Alexandre Stevens (as plus one) and Gil Caroz.

Gil Caroz, Diana Bergovoy, Marco Mauas, Sari Edelstein and Yair Tzivoni, each, presented their commentaries on the chosen topic of the cartel. The framework for the evening was formulated by Mabel Graiver, based on three texts[1], and the following question:

Being a dupe of the analytic discourse we serve - a forced choice that enables reading in our epoch without a compass . Being a dupe of the structure, dupe of a real…what community is it for these dupes?

[1] The Symposium of the Psychoanalysts”,  The Turin Theory and The Unconscious and the Speaking Body, by Jacques-Alain Miller.

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