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LCM: Seminar with Veronique Voruz "The Act inPsychoanalysis", 22nd-23rd August

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The Act in Psychoanalysis


A Seminar by Véronique Voruz


With the decline of prohibition as a mechanism of social organization, repression as a psychical mechanism for the formation of symptoms is on the wane. It follows that the unconscious is no longer what it used to be. The Freudian unconscious, the one said to be transferential by Jacques-Alain Miller, i.e. the unconscious produced by repression and decipherable in analysis using the indications elaborated in the course of their lives by Freud and Lacan, is no longer a sufficient hypothesis for psychoanalysis to retain full symbolic efficacy. Thus Jacques-Miller, in recent years, and starting from Lacan’s passing reference to the unconscious as real in the “Preface to the English edition of Seminar XI”, is currently engaged in developing a new hypothesis for the orientation of psychoanalytic practice.


In the 21st century, Miller suggests, the central concept of psychoanalytic practice should be the speaking body, theme of the next WAP Congress. Having first equated the symbolic with that which can be ordered, and second, the real with disorder, it is the status of the imaginary which is being overhauled for the concluding Congress in this latest cycle of three. 


The receding status of the transferential unconscious foregrounds the various registers of the act – for there where formations of the unconscious are fewer, or no longer cause the supposition of knowledge which Lacan equated with the opening of the unconscious in Seminar XI, the manifestations of the effects of the signifier on the living body tend to borrow alternative circuits for the discharge of affects. Inhibition, and its corollary, depressive affects, acting out, passages to the act as the iteration of a primal mark of jouissance, come to the fore in the contemporary clinic.


Faced with a clinical landscape traversed by these various modalities of the act, the act of the analyst is also taking on new significance.      




Hosted by Lacan Circle of Melbourne (LCM), this two day seminar will be held at the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), 124 Jolimont Road, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002. Registration for this event can be made by sending an email to Noriaki Sato at <>. Please refer to the fee schedule and available payment methods below, and please specify in your email your registration type (i.e. rate and date(s)) and your preferred payment method.  Whilst payment can be made on the day, registration must be made in advance, and no later than Friday the 7th August.





Saturday the 22nd August

Sunday the23rd August





Session 1: Exploring the hypothesis: from the transferential unconscious to the real unconscious 


Session 4: Theorizing passages to the act



Morning tea

Morning tea


Session 2: A theory of affects at the time of the speaking body


Session 5: A clinical practice with the act





Session 3: Modalities of the act in Lacan’s Seminar X


Final discussion (close at 15:00)


Fee schedule (including lunch and light refreshment)


Whole Seminar

Saturday only

Sunday only

General admission




LCM members









Payment methods


   -    Electronic transfer to Lacan Circle of Melbourne: Commonwealth Bank BSB: 063120; Account No: 10158007. Please include your name in the transfer, and "VV Seminar".

  -     Cheque: Please make your cheque payable to ‘Lacan Circle of Melbourne’, and pay on the day.

   -   Cash: Please pay on the day. Please note that there is no credit card facility at the venue.


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