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“If the signifier represents a subject, according to Lacan (not a signified), and for another signifier (which is to say: not for another subject), then how can it, this signifier, fall to the sign which [...] represents something for someone?

[...] No smoke without fire.

A psychoanalyst, it is by the sign that I am warned.”


Jacques Lacan, "Radiophonie",
dans Autres Écrits, p. 413



“Ordinary psychosis [...] It’s the psychosis of the era of democracy, a taking into account of mass psychosis.

[...] As a patient said, in this volume: “What is it that in a given moment makes my head vanish... Poof... Nevertheless I have some possibilities...” [...]

There is the flight of sense [pfuït du sens], and then there are all the attempts at quilting [de capitonnage] in order to recover this. [...] The question about quilting is the most widespread question in the world.


The general approach of ordinary psychosis is compatible with this state of civilisation. The era is in effect very consonant with this finding that nobody has the knack to manage. It’s the flight of sense, and the search for quilting points.”

Éric Laurent, La psychose ordinaire,
La Convention d'Antibes, p. 258, 259, 260

Extract by Anne Béraud


Translated by Raphael Montague



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