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2018 NLS CONGRESS: The Four Contributors ofthe CLINICAL CONVERSATION

During the 2018 Congress of the NLS:

In a State of Transference

Wild, Political, Psychoanalytic

The Clinical Conversation of the NLS

Sunday morning, July 1st 2018


Marina Frangiadaki

(Hellenic Society of the NLS) – Athens

Anna Pigkou 

(Hellenic Society of the NLS) – Athens

Beatriz Premazzi 

(ASREEP-NLS) – Geneva

Alan Rowan 

(London Society of the NLS) – Berlin

The Conversation will be chaired by Éric Laurent.

Four clinical cases will be read and discussed in plenary session 
on Sunday morning during the Congress.

The Conversation will be open to all of the participants of the Congress.

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