A new journal of the NLS in dutch

The New Lacanian School has a Journal in Dutch. Its name is ‘iNWiT’. The signifier inwit refers to the Joycean expression agenbite of inwit and implies that iNWiT wants to make known the theoretical, clinical and cultural implications of the later teachings of Lacan in the Dutch-speaking psychoanalytic world, in Flanders (Belgium) in the first place, but also in the Netherlands.

iNWiT is edited by de Kring voor Psychoanalyse van de NLS – the actual editorial board includes Nathalie Laceur (editor in chief), Monique de Buck, Vic Everaert, Bart Duron, David Teetaert, Miet De Munck, Abe Geldhof, Charlotte Luyckx, Marie-Alice Oosterlinck, Bram Henau and Thomas Van Rumst. It is made with the support of many friends in the schools of the NLS and the WAP – the actual scientific commission includes Dominique Holvoet, Geert Hoornaert, Lieven Jonckheere, François Leguil, Anne Lysy, Judith Miller and Alexandre Stevens.

Thus far, each number has followed the same scheme: a translation of Lacan – a text, a conference, or a lesson of a Seminar - the orientation by Miller, theoretical and clinical contributions of members of the Schools of the NLS and the WAP - and a supplement, a reference of Lacan, Freud, or an interview ….
Several numbers have included contributions on the Pass.

More information can be found on the website of de Kring voor Psychoanalyse van de NLS ( where issues of iNWiT can be ordered (