16 - Regulation and Evaluation, 2007

Regulation and Evaluation

Table of contents

Regulation and EvaluationJacques-Alain Miller - The Era of the Man without Qualities
Eric Laurent - Blog-Notes: The Psychopathy of Evaluation
Guillaume Le Blanc - The Unevaluable: The Timelessness of Canguilhem
François Sauvagnat - The Current State of "Evidence-Based Medicine"
Natalie Charraud - A Passion for the Dice, the Other Side of Statistics
Vincent Dachy - Being by Numbers
Helene Deltombe - CBT and the Rejection of the Unconscious
Véronique Mariage - CBT’s hold over Children’s Speech
Daniel Roy - "In the Course of Events Everything Becomes Clear"
Gerard Wajcman - The Extortion of the Intimate
Philippe la Sagna - On the Public Utility of Psychoanalysis
Julia Evans - Wellbeing and Happiness...
Miquel Bassols - The Future of the Pass
Marie-Hélèn Brousse - Love of the Sinthome against a Hatred of Difference
Marie-Hélène Roch - The Psychoanalytic Act and its Paradoxes
Penny Georgiou - Letter to Skills for Health, Department of Health from LS-NLS
Roger Litten - Letter to Skills for Health, Department of Health from ALP

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