15 - The Name(s)-of-the-Father, 2006

The Name(s)-of-the-Father

Table of contents

The Name(s)-of-the-FatherJacques-Alain Miller - The Inexistent Seminar
Eric Laurent - The Symptom and the Proper Name
Alexandre Stevens - How to get by without the Paternal Function
Guy Trobas - Depression… of Repression & Modern Symptoms
Serge Cottet - Fire on the Symbolic Order
Ronald Portillo - The Father as Symptom
Yves Depelsenaire - The White Goddess
Yves-Claude Stavy - If not the Name of the Name of the Name’
Laure Naveau - The Gentle Voice and the Empty Casket
Esthela Solano-Suarez - Jouissance and the Name-of-the-Father
Philippe Lacadée - The Singularity of a Psychic Reality: Psychoanalysis applied to a Case of Ordinary Psychosis
Vincent Dachy - A Real on the Tip of the Tongue

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