12 - Psychosis, 2004


Table of contents

Jacques-Alain Miller - Equivalence Between the Other and the Symptom
Eric Laurent - Three Enigmas: Meaning, Signification, Jouissance
Herbert Wachsberger - From the Elementary Phenomenon to the
Enigmatic Experience
François Leguil - The Enigmatic Experience of Psychosis in the Practice
of Patient Presentations
Pierre-Gilles Gueguen - Symptomatic Homeostasis in Psychoses
Dominique Laurent - An Intelligent Woman
Jean-Louis Gault - The Man with A Hundred Thousand Hairs
Franck Rollier - Paternity Without the Name-of-the-Father
Stefanie Jaax - "The Mother’s Mouth is Like the Mouth of a Big Crocodile…"
Gabriela van den Hoven - Psychoanalysis in the World of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
Alexandre Stevens - Embarrassment, Inhibition and Repetition
Richard Klein - Delusional Identification

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