8 - Fictions in Psychoanalysis, 2002

Jacques Lacan 1901 - 2001

Table of contents

Jacques-Alain Miller - Jacques Lacan
Vicente Palomera - The Mermaids
Pierre-Gilles Gueguen - The Unbearable between Psychoanalysis and the Feminist Debate
Bernard Burgoyne - A Neighbourhood on the Montagne Sainte Genevieve
Alicia Arenas - Episodic or what Lacan's Teachings are not
Russell Grigg - Enjoy-meant of Language and Jouissance of the Letter
Richard Klein - The Consequences
Ernesto Piechotka - A Patient Presentation: A Singular Encounter
Eric Laurent - The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, Today
Miquel Bassols -The Analyst and His Politics
Bogdan Wolf - The Perception and Politics of Discourse
François Leguil - The Pass and Teaching
Pierre Naveau - The Psychoanalyst' Passion
Dominique Laurent - Disidentification of a Woman
Guy Trobas - A 'Je ne sais quoi'
Howard Britton - Teaching between S1 and S2

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