7 - Symptoms, 2002


Table of contents

Jacques-Alain Miller - Ironic Clinic
Pierre-Gilles Gueguen - Women and the Symptom: the Case of the Post-Freudians
Esthela Solano-Suarez - The Identification with the Symptom at the End of the Treatment
Joseph Attié - The Analytic Symptom or the Question of Identity
Gustavo Dessal - A Diagnostic Problem
Jacques-Alain Miller - 'I Am so Superficial': A Clinical Conversation
Hervé Castanet - A Subject in the Fog
Jean-Pierre Deffieux - Not so Rare a Case
Bernardino Horne - Phobia as a Turntable
Massimo Recalcati - On the Analytic Practice of the Group Mechanism in the Treatment of 'Eating Disorders'
Lucia D'Angelo - The Perversions: Private Morality, Public Jouissance
Victoria Woollard - Four Ways to Address the Other
Jean-Louis Gault - Two Statuses of the Symptom
Suzanne Yang - Silence and Illiteracy

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