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When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do

(Leonard Cohen, The Partisan)
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3rd February 2019

Reflections on some questions raised by the clinical practice that surrounds transgender subjects and gender identity in today’s society

Interview with François Ansermet, by Edit Tendlarz and Romina Giavino, first published in Aperiodico Psicanalitico.

Does gender exist for psychoanalysis? If not, what might one say could come in its place?

FA We are living in a time that is defined by disruptions in gender, which itself takes on many different guises – between binary gender, bi-genders, gender fluidity, a-genders, and many other arrangements of the difference of the sexes. Everyone constructs their own gender. However, this does not mean that the difference itself is affected. Rather it is the position of each individual in relation to the difference that is claimed as a right, from both the axis of identity and that of desire. The question of desire should not be overlooked, even if that of identity has taken over. Today, an individual can term themselves a-gender and asexual. Everything is possible. Systems of jouissance can be claimed as rights. It is not for psychoanalysis to take up a conservative stance with regard to this evolution, even if there is a risk that it will take this direction. There is a need to stick with the clinic and to follow each subject’s solution. […]

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