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When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do

(Leonard Cohen, The Partisan)
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23rd October 2018

Big Little Lies: big, little and necessary lies

The plot of this interesting miniseries takes place in Monterey, a town in Northern California. The main characters are three women, three mothers – Celeste, Jane and Madeline. Jane is a shy and enigmatic young woman who has just moved to Monterey with Ziggy, her son. She is a single mother who is trying to start over after a traumatic experience that she is reminded of when flashbacks disrupt the precarious life she is attempting to build. This is how the sequences are interwoven, such is the complex artistic language of this miniseries, as details of a brutal rape episode appear and shake Jane’s life, leaving her not knowing what to do with the brutal experience whose product is none other than little Ziggy. As for the child, the spectator comes to suspect quite soon that he is prone to acting out in school […]

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