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20th February 2020

Towards the XXth Clinical Conversation of the ICF-E 
Barcelona, 7th-8th March 2020

With the participation of Jacques-Alain Miller
Chaired by: Gustavo Dessal and Estela Paskvan


by Vilma Coccoz
Directing one’s steps towards the consulting room of an analyst opens the possibility of inserting and lodging the body in a new circuit. This will no doubt be a memorable event in one's life if the encounter proves to be, retroactively, the moment of incorporation into the analytical discourse through the “painful mystery for himself” [1], his symptom, the authentic impulse for formulating a demand.
The reception by the one who embodies the symbolic function inaugurated by Freud must be respectful of the only fundamental precept that should orient his responses, the principle of abstinence. In this way he will be able to put in suspense everything that could compromise the preservation of the empty place where someone can make his voice heard without being compared to anyone else.
Psychoanalysis promotes the right of one alone, says Miller. It is the right to a deviation experienced as such, not measured against any norm. A dividing line between false or true psychoanalysis is thus established, depending on whether one takes norms into consideration or not, whatever reason might be invoked to justify them: experience, orthodoxy, psychopathology, any norm leads to psychotherapy.
The formation required to provide that singular hollow able to lodge the speech of the sufferer has been obtained by a "severe asceticism" through which the analyst deciphered his own mystery, the mystery of the speaking body. But talking about mystery could induce the idea that it is hidden somewhere and should be revealed. Hence Lacan's insistence: There is no initiation!, understood as the science of jouissance. Moreover, Lacan states, analysisis an anti-initiation.
[1] Jacques-Alain Miller, Un comienzo en la vida [A beginning in life]. Synthesis. Madrid. 2003. p. 13.
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