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4th February 2021

The Psychoanalytic Approach Oriented by the Autistic Rim

by J.-C. Maleval

The hypothesis of R. and R. Lefort on the existence of a specific subjective autistic structure, different from that of psychosis, the introduction of the concept of rim by E. Laurent, the developments advanced on in the books The autist and his voice[1] and The battle of autism,[2] all these works have contributed in the Lacanian field to initiating an approach to the treatment of the autistic suffering by taking support on the evolutions of the rim. This is a radically new perspective since it considers the autistic objects as dynamic inventions and not as pathological objects. Self-therapies of autistic people frequently testify to the intense investment of one or more objects, concrete or imaginary, thanks to which they constructed themselves and opened up to others. For many of them it was a double (animal, imaginary companion, brother, sister, etc.), for some other it was cartoons, in some cases it was a specific interest, and in others an original invention, etc.
In the more severe forms of autism, the transference is hindered, while attempts to induce it often trigger aggressive reactions, especially if these attempts are too direct. However, it is now well established that the autist does not seek to cut himself off from the world by shutting himself up in a shell, he strives to go towards the world and towards others, but by following his own way, which passes through the mediation of a securing object. The handling of the transference must take this into account. The developmental pathway within the spectrum of autism regularly involves a fall of the first autistic objects, and a distancing from the doubles, so that the emptying of the rim leads to its reduction to a specific interest. This logic, punctuated by successive losses, does not correspond to that of an increase in information, but to that of a treatment of jouissance by means of cuts.



The ACF in Midi-Pyrénées continues on Saturday February 6, 2021, as part of its Exchange Seminar, the cycle of conferences of Jean-Claude Maleval, with a videoconference on the question of "The Psychoanalytic Approach Oriented by the Autistic Rim" . J.-C. Maleval is a psychoanalyst, member of the ECF and the WAP, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Rennes 2. The debate will be moderated by Jean-François Cottes, psychoanalyst member of the ECF and of the WAP, Director of CERA, and members of the cartel of the Exchange Seminar, Cécile Favreau (ECF, Director ACF-MP), Eduardo Scarone (ECF), André Soueix (ECF), Vanessa Sudreau (ECF), Florence Nègre (ACF-MP).

[1] J.-C. Maleval, L’autiste et sa voix, Seuil, 2009.
[2] E. Laurent, La bataille de l’autisme, Navarin, 2012.
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