LRO 324: “History and the Link of the Analytic Act with Civilization”


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I was cautioned to surrender
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LRO 324
12th January 2022


History and the Link of the Analytic Act with Civilization
Thomas Svolos | Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

The axis of work of the Tenth Study Days of the Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise on “The Analytic Act and Civilization” at once raises the question about the relationship of our work as analysts with the civilization in which we work.[1] Lacan, of course, made use of topology for a unique way to approach the relationship of civilization with the unconscious. Unlike Freud‘s model of a bag, with an inside and an outside, as a model for the speaking being in the world, for Lacan, there is a special relationship of the subject with their civilization that he figures with the mobius strip and the Klein bottle. This is a very different figuration of the interior and exterior, in which we recognize that that which is most intimate for the speaking being might be perceived as from the outside, or vice versa, this notion of éxtimacy, connecting the speaking being and civilization without the strict boundary of Freud….. [Read full article]

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