LRO 348: “Mass Shootings in the U.S.A.”


When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do

(Leonard Cohen, The Partisan)

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LRO 348
8th June 2022


Mass Shootings in the U.S.A.
Liliana Kruszel | Miami, FL, U.S.A.

We have all been horrified by the mass shootings that many consider an ‘American thing’. We often refer to them as tragedies. In his book, “From a Taller Tower: The Rise of the American Shooter”, (1) Seamus McGraw thinks of it this way: “a tragedy is not a good word, tragedy is something that happens completely out of our control, instead a mass shooting is an atrocity”. The book examines the history of mass shooting, the first of which was in 1966 at the University of Austin, Texas, which McGraw catalogues as the first modern mass shooting covered on live television. His wager is that understanding the myth around these mass shooters might help introduce something new, something that hopefully provokes action… [Read full article]

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