LRO 366: “Daddy War”


When they poured across the border
I was cautioned to surrender
This I could not do

(Leonard Cohen, The Partisan)

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LRO 366
4th January 2023


"Daddy War"
Dafni Lemperou | Thessaloniki, Greece

In the early 50’s, a few years after the World War II, Iakovos Kambanellis,[1] a prominent Greek playwright, wrote the satirical play “Daddy War”.[2] The play is set in 305 BC in Rhodes (one of the most famous and very touristic Greek islands), which has managed to maintain its political neutrality and has avoided involvement in the long raids and wars of Alexander the Great. This attitude has favoured the island's tourist development, with its inhabitants living and breathing to offer tourists ever better services. Everything is turned upside down when a rumour spreads that a warlike general is planning to invade and conquer the island. Τhe rumour reaches the general's ears and, though unsuspecting until then, he decides to lay siege to the island. Τhe inhabitants, hitherto ignorant of war and battles, get trained in warfare and manage to repel the would-be conqueror, having become, however, exactly what they had, since then, been avoiding at all costs… [Read full article]

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