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“What does woman want? is, as we know, the state of ignorance in which Freud remained until the end, in the thing he brought into the world. What woman wants, as well as still standing at the blind spot of the analytic discourse, entails in its consequence that woman is a born-psychoanalyst (as one can see from the fact that analysis is regimented by the least analysed women).”
“Address on Child Psychosis” Hurly Burly, Issue 8, NLS, p.277.


Female desire resists and animates Freud’s desire, as it does that of the analysts after him. If they fail to realise this, it becomes a blind spot, as evidenced by the belief in women as born psychoanalysts. Believing that they know what a woman is and taking themselves for her, some even come to want to control psychoanalysis.
Dominique Corpelet


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