Analysts of the School – The Pass

The Pass: A Presentation

In October 1967, in his “Proposition of 9 October 1967 on the Psychoanalyst of the School“, Lacan established the device of the pass, which is at the heart of his School of psychoanalysis. The nomination of Analysts of the School (AS) is the indication that a psychoanalysis can come to an end and produce a psychoanalyst. A School of psychoanalysis with a Lacanian orientation finds its logic there, with, moreover, the guarantee that it brings to the training of its members. Since 2015, the nomination of AS within the NLS has brought new dynamism to our School through their testimonies during our Congresses, and thanks to the teachings that they take to the various countries of the NLS.

The Pass in the NLS

Communiqué from the president of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis pertaining to the pass regulations of the New Lacanian School (18 march 2024)

The EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis would like to draw your attention to the new NLS pass regulations, which take account of the linguistic and geographical particularities of this School.

The Analysts of the School One


  • Carolina Koretzky, Paris, ECF
  • Jorge Assef, Córdoba, EOL
  • Omaïra Meseguer, Paris, ECF 
  • Véronique Pannetier, Perigueux, ECF 
  • Liliana Salazar-Redon, Versailles, ECF 
  • Felicidad Hernández, Bilbao, ELP 
  • Paloma Blanco, Malaga, ELP
  • Osvaldo Delgado, Buenos Aires, EOL
  • Alexandra Makowiak, Montpellier, ECF
  • Victoria Paz, Paris, ECF
  • Sane Thireau, Rennes, ECF
  • Martine Versel, Bordeaux, ECF
  • Enric Berenguer, Barcelona, ELP
  • Sérgio Eduardo Cordeiro de Mattos, Belo Horizonte, EBP
  • Marcela Almanza, Mexico, EOL, NEL


  • Tânia Maria Lima Abreu, EBP
  • Carlos Rossi, Buenos Aires, EOL
  • Davide Pegoraro, Torino, SLP
  • Paola Cornú, Santiago de Chile, NEL
  • Dominique Jammet, Bordeaux, ECF
  • Gabriela Medin, Madrid, ELP
  • Guy Poblome, Tournai, ECF


  • Dossia Avdelidi, Athènes, NLS
  • Damasia Amadeo de Freda, Buenos Aires, EOL
  • Sophie Gayard, Paris, ECF
  • Marie-Claude Sureau, Paris-Rouen, ECF
  • Silvia Morrone, Torino, SLP
  • Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan, Dublin, NLS
  • Irene Kuperwajs, Buenos Aires, EOL


  • Victoria Horne-Reinoso, Paris, ECF
  • Alejandro Reinoso, Santiago, NEL/SLP
  • Lidia Ramírez, Barcelona, ELP
  • Myriam Perrin-Chérel, Rennes, ECF
  • Sandra Grostein, São Paulo, EBP
  • Gian Francesco Arzente, Torino, SLP
  • Anne Béraud-Bogino, Montreal, NLS
  • Raquel Cors Ulloa, Santiago, NEL


  • Fernando Vitale, Buenos Aires, EOL
  • Clotilde Leguil, Paris, ECF
  • Aurélie Pfauwadel, Paris, ECF
  • Sérgio Laia, Belo Horizonte, EBP
  • Patricia Tassara, Valencia, ELP
  • Bénédicte Jullien, Paris, ECF
  • Maria Josefina Sota Fuentes, São Paulo, EBP
  • Domenico Cosenza, Milano, SLP
  • Marta Serra Frediani, Barcelona, ELP
  • Elena Levy Yeyati, Buenos Aires, EOL

1985 – 2016  See the complete list – PDF