The Executive Committee and Commissions

The Executive Committee 2020 – 2022

President: Alexandre Stevens ( )
Vice-President: Daniel Roy ( )

Els Van Compernolle ( )
Maria Cristina Aguirre ( )
Ruzanna Hakobyan ( )

Treasurer: Bruno de Halleux )

NLS Cartel Delegates:
Joanne Conway ( )
René Raggenbass ( )

The Commissions

The Executive Committee appoints Commissions to carry out precise tasks:

Editor in Chief of The Lacanian Review (English-language Journal of the NLS and the WAP):
Marie-Hélène Brousse ( )

The Russia-Ukraine Commission: 
Alexandre Stevens ( )
Bernard Seynhaeve ( )
Ruzanna Hakobyan ( )

The NLS Admission Committee, nominated by the President of the WAP, is composed for two years of the President of the NLS, Alexandre Stevens, the President of the EuroFederation, Guy Briole, and the outgoing President of the NLS, Bernard Seynhaeve.