NLS: Societies – Groups – Initiatives

Diversity of the School

Several groups around the world inscribe their work in the NLS since it was founded in May 2003. This allows them to create working ties between each other but also with the extended psychoanalytic community of the WAP. Today, the NLS includes five Affiliated Societies, six Affiliated Groups, and four Associated Groups. Seven Initiatives are also part of the NLS.

Our School is thus present in 12 European countries as well as in Australia, Israel, Russia, the United States and Ukraine. In addition to its annual Congress, it organizes the events called Knottings Seminars and Questions of the School that allow the transfer of work to our School.

The various languages, the particular history of each group, the singular pathway of each member – all this contributes to the diversity of the School in the unity of the WAP.

The Components of the NLS

Affiliated Societies of the NLS

Affiliated Groups of the NLS

Associated Groups of the NLS


Coordination of Eastern Europe-NLS – Foundation of the Freudian Field:
Daniel Roy, Ruzanna Hakobyan, Eve Miller-Rose, Anne Ganivet