Call for papers for the NLS Congress 2024 ✍🏼👁️


Does the gaze captivate you?
Don’t be petrified, write about it!


Proposed axes of work 

We propose seven axes of work to orient your clinical cases for the Parallel sessions in English, French or bilingual (simultaneous translation).


1. Instants of seeing: love at first sight – twists of fate – insights

2. Effects of Captivation: the body – the mirror – the fetish

3. The appeal of the gaze: Where am I seen from? By whom? Between the Ideal and the Superego

4. Through the window of fantasy: voyeurism/exhibitionism  porn addiction

5. The stain: the uncanny – shame – indignity

6. “Wandering gazes”: these objects (a) that run everywhere, all alone and always ready to grab you at the first turn…

7. The resources of artifice: veil, modesty, adornments, beauty…

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