Call for papers for the NLS Congress 2024 ✍🏼


Call for papers for the NLS CONGRESS 2024

You can now send us your clinical work!

The selected clinical cases will be presented in Dublin. 

Clinical Parallel Sessions

Will take place on Saturday 11 May 2024, in the rooms of Dublin Castle, from 2 pm to 5 pm. Some will be in English or French without translation. There will also be a bilingual room with simultaneous translation. Each speaker and participant will choose his or her preferred language.

We invite you to propose a contribution in line with the Congress theme: “Clinic of the Gaze”. It is a theme that invites the analyst or practitioner to take a perspective on a case based on 1) the various instance of seeing that are isolated, 2) what makes a stain in the picture for the subject, 3) the screens on which his or her imaginary constructions are projected and/or that stand in the way of the real. Faced with the diffractions of the scopic drive – to see, to be seen, to make oneself seen – we will seek to highlight the position taken by the subject and the intervention of the analyst or practitioner.

Your contribution will be based on a single clinical case, which will be read by the scientific committee (English-speaking or French-speaking respectively).


Contributions can be sent to the following address:

Don't wait until the deadline – March 16 – to think about it and write: by then it will be too late!

Please send your texts in the following format: 


– 6500 characters including spaces, in Times New Roman font, size 12, with a line spacing of 1.5. 


– Before sending, please ensure that your text has been proofread by an English or French-speaking person and strictly formatted according to the above criteria.


– Please include, in the main body of the text: the author's surname, first name, e-mail address and mobile phone number.


– As the subject of the e-mail put: NLS Congress – Parallel Sessions: NAME FIRST NAME

Proposed axes of work

(Please use the wording below)

We propose seven axes of work to orient your clinical cases for the Parallel sessions in English, French or bilingual (simultaneous translation).


1. Instants of seeing: love at first sight – twists of fate – insights

2. Effects of Captivation: the body – the mirror – the fetish

3. The appeal of the gaze: Where am I seen from? By whom? Between the Ideal and the Superego

4. Through the window of fantasy: voyeurism/exhibitionism  porn addiction

5. The stain: the uncanny – shame – indignity

6. “Wandering gazes”: these objects (a) that run everywhere, all alone and always ready to grab you at the first turn…

7. The resources of artifice: veil, modesty, adornments, beauty…


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