Libération de Mitra – communiqué 13/02, 17:55

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J’ai reçu d’Afshin Zamani, membre de la direction de la Freudian Association le mail suivant à 12 : 31 : « Dear Mr Miller, congratulation. About one hour ago, Dr Kadivar  was informed that she is released, but they said  that her lawyer have to come for her release. So the lawyer will go to the hospital tomorrow. That will release  her.  We  will  contact  you  again.  Best  regards.  Thank  you  so  much.
A. Zamani. »
J’ai  posé  quelques  questions.  A  15 :  49,  la  réponse  m’est  arrivée :  « Dr  Kadivar herself informed us of her release. Her lawyer is F* N*. He has no email address.Dr. Kadivar told us that we must create him an email address. We will make it and sent the address to you. His mobile no°: +980xxxxx and 980xxxxxx. 
Regards. AZ »
Autres mails.  15 :  55 :  « Farzam  Parva  is  our  coordinator  with  the  lawyer.  He 
knows English. His mobile n°: +980xxxxxx. » 16 : 31 : « You can just dial 0098 to 
connect to Iran, and then for office n° dial 021 (Tehran n°.) But for mobile you 
just dial 0098 and then 0912 is for mobile. »
Stay tuned.
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