Press release from the President of the NLS: Admissions

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President of the NLS
13 February 2024

The WAP Council met to decide the admission of candidates to Schools of the WAP.

Here are the names of the colleagues who have been admitted this year to the New Lacanian School / Nouvelle École Lacanienne by decision of the Council:

   CARON Maurien (Lacanian Compass), Houston, USA

TEXEIRA Renata (Lacanian Compass), Miami, USA
BEN-HAGAI Keren (GIEP), Kibbutz Einat, Israël 
DULSSTER Dries (Kring), Gand, Belgique
MÄKI Aino-Marjatta (London Society), Helsinki/Londres,
ŁAWNICZEK Małgorzata (Cercle de Cracovie), Cracovie,
MORI Ayako, Tokyo, Japon
FUKUDA Daïsuke, Tokyo, Japon
ASSEF Jorge (EOL), Córdoba/Buenos Aires, Argentine
ZULIANI Éric (ECF), Nantes, France

The Executive Committee congratulates them on their achievements and wishes each of them a warm welcome to our School, where we will ensure that they have the conditions they need to demonstrate their work and practice within the framework of the School's activities and of their working community.

Daniel ROY


New Lacanian School

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