London Society Statutes (fr translation)





1.      The London Society is an affiliated Society of the New Lacanian School (NLS). The NLS was created within the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP), and registered under the loi de 1901 in Paris in 2003.

2.      The objectives of the London Society (LS) are:

a – the realisation of the aims of the World Association of Psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom, i.e. to promote psychoanalysis in conformity with the orientation given by Jacques Lacan to the field opened by Freud.

b – the creation of working links with other affiliated societies in Europe.

3.      The LS supports transference to work of those who, whether they are members or not, show their desire to know about psychoanalysis.

4.      As an organ of the New Lacanian School, the London Society is a place of formation of psychoanalysts.

Article 1 – Name, duration and domicile

a – The London Society of the New Lacanian School is an unincorporated not-for-profit organisation created within the NLS, itself a School of the WAP.

b – Being an affiliated Society of the NLS, the LS is governed by the Executive Committee of the NLS. The administration of the Society is based in London.  Its seat is at 17B Granville Road, London, N4 4EJ. 

c – The duration of the LS is unlimited.

Article 2 – Aims

a – The aims of the LS are to promote the elaboration and transmission of psychoanalysis in the UK in conformity with the aims of the WAP.

b – The LS works in the following ways: seminars, workshops, conferences, working groups (cartels), teaching, publications, electronic lists, etc.

Article 3 – Membership

a – Becoming a member of the LS implies an involvement in the work of the Society and a demonstration of transference to work and to the School.

b – Becoming a member of the LS is a process that takes its beginning in the demand made to the Bureau who is supposed to respond to it.

c – Becoming a member of the LS is a process that includes 2 encounters, one with a member of the Bureau of the LS and one with a member of the NLS Executive Committee.

d – Members of the LS can be nominated as members of the NLS. They are admitted as members of the NLS by the Council of the WAP following the recommendation of the NLS Commission for admission.

e – Members of the NLS are also members of the WAP. Members of the LS who are also members of the NLS therefore pay WAP fees and NLS fees as well as the LS fees.

f – Members of the LS pay annual membership fees to the LS. Non-payment of fees at the end of the current calendar year may result in the loss of membership of the LS.

g – Members of the Society undertake not to make inappropriate usage of the name of the London Society of the NLS and of WAP, nor to harm their reputation, nor to speak disrespectfully about their members, whether dead or alive, former or current.

h – The President and other sitting members of the Executive Committee of the NLS shall be granted the status of members of the London Society for the duration of their tenure on the Executive Committee.

Article 4 – The Bureau

a – The LS is administered by a Bureau consisting of a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. It is established by the joint signatures of the Chair and the President of the NLS.

b – The nomination of the Chair is a process made up of 3 stages:

–        proposal by the outgoing Chair,

–        ratification by the President of the NLS,

–        approval by the members at the AGM.

c – Responsibilities of the Bureau include representing the LS to the outside world, liaising with the Executive Committee of the NLS and facilitating and co-ordinating the LS work activities.

d – Members who wish to contribute to the activities of the Society submit proposals for work to the Bureau.

e – The Bureau can nominate members to carry out specified work projects.

Article 5 – The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a – The Annual General Meeting takes place once a year. Notice of at least 21 days must be given prior to the Meeting.

b – The AGM comprises all the members of the Society. Its functions are:

–        consultation,

–        hearing the reports of the Bureau,

–        commenting on the matters presented to it,

–        approving the accounts of the work carried out,

–        approving the nomination of the new Chair and Bureau.

c – The Chair can also convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of members when necessary. Notice of at least 14 days must be given prior to the Meeting.

Article 6 – Amendment and dissolution

a – The purpose of these Statutes is to render explicit the process, the framework and the manner in which the LS conducts its activities.

b – The Statutes of the LS can be revised when necessary. The amendment(s) must be approved by the President of the NLS and ratified by the simple majority of LS members.

c – The Society can be dissolved at the Meeting by a two-third majority vote of members present and with the consent of the President of the NLS.

d – In the instance of dissolution the assets of the Society will be returned to the NLS.

The revised Statutes were approved at the LS Annual General Meeting on 14/01/2012