10th Congress of the WAP – Rio 2016 – Interviews with D. Holvoet and F. Ansermet

​10th Congress of the WAP – Rio 2016 What’s Going On

Interview with Dominique Holvoet

By Zully Flomenbaum and Sofia Guaraguara


SG:  Hello Dominique. We are at the 10th congress of the WAP, the World Association of Psychoanalysis, we are continuing the series of interviews for Radio Lacan. What can you tell us about the Conference on The Speaking Body?

DH: The inaugural sentence of the Congress, as introduced by J-A Miller, was:  We interpret the speaking being (le parlêtre), we already interpret the Speaking Body, and now we also have to know how to say it”. This sentence really launched the congress.  (If I remember correctly, to know how J-A Miller said it precisely one has to read his text). But he said, in substance: while we already interpret the speaking body, we still need to know how to put it into words.  […] FULL INTERVIEW ATTACHED

Interview with François Ansermet

By Sofia Guaraguara


Sofia Guaraguara (SG): Would you say a few words on this congress, and this theme?

François Ansermet (FA): If the “speaking body” is a complex and enigmatic question, it is an important contemporary theme both on the clinical as well as the political level. Lacan said “the psychoanalyst ought to be connected to his epoch and subjectivity of the time he lives in”.  The speaking body calls upon us to think about the subjectivity of our time. […] FULL INTERVIEW ATTACHED




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