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“When and how is the XII WAP Congress to take place? We’ve been asking ourselves that question since April 2020, because the Congress cannot occur as planned. To answer it, however, we’ll have to wait… a little longer”.


These are the words with which I concluded, last June, the announcement of the five-volume publication of Scilicet-rêve! – underscoring both the translinguistic scope of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and the transference of work between Schools. A volume for each of the languages used in the WAP. Back then, it was a question of putting our trust in the continuity of our “dreamwork”, over the course of these strange times, until the date of the congress, which would be postponed until December.


Today, we are once again forced to make a decision, since the new date in December has become equally risky due to the evolution of the pandemic. Despite the encouraging prospect of the advent of a vaccine, travel remains risky through 2021, and WAP is fully committed to the well-being of its participants.


In view of the health crisis and its observable consequences, the WAP Bureau, together with the WAP Council, has decided to cancel the 12th Congress in Buenos Aires. The decision was taken with the active participation of both co-directors, who labored tirelessly and whose tremendous efforts surely left an indelible mark on WAP, of which Scilicet-rêve is living proof.


Should that stop us from dreaming? No! The pandemic, and the gravity that surrounds it, won’t deter the WAP.


The upcoming WAP Congress will be held in April 2022, in Paris. It will embrace discussions on the works produced for the Congress which should have taken place in Buenos Aires, and will hence be named Congress 12/13. Silvia Baudini and Fabián Naparstek will have an active participation in the capacity of Congress Councilors.


The exchanges with Jacques-Alain Miller – who has assured us of the privilege of his support and who has made himself available for round-the-clock advice – allow us to benefit from the vision of the man who built the edifice of WAP.


It is up to him to define the theme of the Congress 12/13, and the announcement of an entirely new theme is close at hand.


We would like to thank you in advance for showing unconditional support for the upcoming Congress and we would also like to inform you that the 2020 inscriptions will be valid for 2022!


I am especially grateful to the Buenos Aires Congress Organization Commission and I would also like to extend my thanks to the entire WAP community. Thank you for your unwavering confidence.


Best wishes to all of you in the days to come. Be prudent!


São Paulo, 10 September 2020


Angelina Harari

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