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Paris, 5th of May, 2021
Here  for 1. it is date format and  sentence should not end  at “manuscript” otherwise grammar and punctuation is off.
1. The Lacan Archive Organisation, created by me on the 5th of May 2021, is the body that will bring to the public’s attention all of Jacques Lacan’s letters, papers and manuscripts, in accordance with the decision I have taken as holder of the moral rights of Lacan’s work, and custodian of his archive.
2.The LAO comprises cartels of deciphering and transcription (CDT) and cartels of translation (CTR). It lists as applicants the persons who have made known their desire to participate in its enterprise/work.
3.The Reception Commission receives the applications and decides on their outcome; it approves the cartels, agrees with them on the work to be done by each of them, and gives them the relevant scans. The Editorial Commission dialogues with the cartels during the course of their work, evaluates the work carried out, invites the cartel to correct it if necessary, and ultimately decides on the publication of this work.
4.Similar Commissions will be set up at a later date for each of the different languages into which the texts resulting from the deciphering and transcription work will be translated.
5.From May 1st to midday May 4th, I was in charge of the reception. 12 CDTs were approved, and 2 CTRs. 58 applicants were listed. The two Commissions, each with 10 members, have been installed; they are chaired respectively by Lilia Mahjoub and Guy Briole; their secretaries are Gil Caroz and Alice Delarue.  
The Lacan  Archive Organisation


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