Breakout rooms program. The Miami Symposium

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Breakout Rooms Program
The Miami Symposium

4525 Collins Avenue – Miami Beach, Florida 33140


Here is the final program. We would like to inform you that given the volume and the high quality of the papers, the Scientific Committee had a specially difficult task selecting the papers accepted for the conference. Due to our time and space limits only 64 papers were selected, which means that a large number of excellent papers had to be left out. We ask these authors to please be understanding and we encourage them to actively participate in the conference as part of the audience.





Mona Lisa

Key Biscayne

8:00 – 9:15

*Subject: Women of today



*1: Ellie Ragland (USA)


*2: Jared Russell (USA)




*Subject: Mother vs woman



*1.Adriane de Freitas B (Brazil)


*2. Leticia Aida Acevedo (Argentina)


*Subject: Feminine masquerade?


*1. Kristine Klement (Canada)


*2. Diana Paulovsky (Argentina)


*Subject: Madness women  and movies


*1.Debora NItzcaner 



*2. Luis Felipe Monteiro (Brazil)


9:15 – 10:30

*Subject: Surprising women



*1. Lucia Bringas (Argentina)


*2. Virginia Carvalho (Brazil)

*Subject: Lacanian perspective



*1. Patricia Moraga (Argentina)


*2. Kjell Solem (Norway)




*Subject: Women’s destinies


*1.Nicolas Mascialino



*2.Liliana Aguilar (Argentina)



* Subject: Hysteria again



*1. Glacy Gonzales Gorski (Brazil)


*2. Raquel Cors Ulloa (Chile)


10:30 -11:45

* Subject: Women in love



*1.Miguel Furman (Argentina)


*2.Maria Cristina Aguirre (USA)



*Subject: Ravage



*1. Karina Tenenbaum (USA)


*2. Pamela King (France)

*Subject: About Feminism



*1. Hector Gallo (Colombia)


*2. Sergio de Campos. (Brazil)


* Subject: Sex change



*1. Sheila Cavanagh (Canada)


*2.Mariana Santoni (Argentina)


11:45 – 1:00

*Subject: All you need is love



*1. Maria Leonor Solimano (Argentina)


*2.Silvia Tendlarz (Argentina)




Subject: Are we all women?



*1.Gabriela Camaly (Argentina)


*2. Marcelo Veras (Brazil)


Subject: Sexes at war



*1. Irene Greiser (Argentina)


*2.Monica Febres C. (Ecuador)


Subject: Feminine Jouissance



*1.Frank Rollier (France)


*2. Elisa Alvarenga (Brazil)


L  U  N  C  H




Mona Lisa

Key Biscayne

3:00 – 4:15

*Subject: Women’s bodies



*1.Marcela Almanza (Mexico)


*2.Gustavo Stiglitz (Argentina)



*Subject: What women say and don’t say


*1.Viviana Berger (Mexico)


*2 Angelica Marchesini (Argentina)

*Subject: Women not whole



*1. Daniel Millas (Argentina)


*2. Manuel Zlotnik (Argentina)


*Subject: Love and jouissance



*1.Jose Fernando Velasquez (Colombia)


*2 Analia Trachter (Argentina)


4:15 – 5:30

*Subject: Women’s solitude



*1.Gerardo Requiz (Venezuela)


*2. Liliana I Avola (Argentina)

*Subject: Literary women



*1.Françoise Monnier (France)


*2.Elvia Cecilia Cuaspa (Colombia)


*Subject: Beyond the limits?



*1.Patricio Alvarez (Argentina)


*2.Diana Wolodarsky (Argentina)


*Subject: Mother Daughter



*1.Mariela Yern (Argentina)


*2.Jorge Pablo Assef (Argentina)


5:30 – 6:45

*Subject: Hollywood Women



*1.Silvia Koblinc (Argentina)


*2. Gabriela Grimbaum (Argentina)


*Subject: Feminine position



*1.Clara M Holgin (Colombia)


*2.Luis Dario Salamone (Argentina)


*Subject: Portraits of women in analysis


*1. Ines Sotelo (Argentina)


*2. Silvia Bonzini (Argentina)


*Subject: What Women do with their symptoms


*1. Claudia Lazaro (Argentina)


*2.Marcia Szajnbok (Brazil)


6:45 – 8.00

*Subject: No sexual relation



*1.Tom Ratekin (USA)


*2.Buck and St Armand (USA)



*Subject: Psychosis



*1.Natalie Wulfing (U. Kingdom)


*2.Alejandra Glaze (Argentina)


*Subject: Symptoms



*1.Maria E Cardona (USA)


*2.Wai Fu (China)


*Subject: Body and soul



*1.Fernando Schutt (USA)


*2.Kiarina Kordela (United Kingdom)


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